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20 Tips to Help You Get Started For SEO: Introduction


Have you uploaded or are planning to create a website? Good idea! But creating a “beautiful” site, adapted to your target, is not everything. It is indeed very important to think about its visibility on search engines(SEO) and, therefore, its natural referencing (as opposed to sponsored links which today represent another profession, closer to advertising and campaign monitoring and which can no longer be assimilated to referencing, even “paid”)!

Here, in the following pages, 20 essential tips to follow in order to obtain, quickly and easily, good results and good visibility on Google “and his friends” without great technical knowledge …

Of course, this is the main thing to know in order to get good results as quickly as possible. If you want to go further, we can only advise you to read a detailed book that will tell you a lot more about SEO. The Abondance site also offers a professional newsletter for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject. But point 21, below, will also give you many other ways to improve your knowledge. Rather, let’s start at the beginning …

Experts in the field will obviously not find much to grind in these pages. This is normal, they were not written for them. On the other hand, if you are new to “nat ref”, as they say (or “SEO” for Search Engine Optimization ), the next few pages should greatly help you … Finally, we hope …

You are ready? Let’s go! Welcome to the wonderful world of SEO … Here are the 5 essential steps (and 20 basic tips) of a good Search Engine Optimization strategy:

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Plan the project upstream
  2. Update your knowledge

3 . Think about your keywords

Step 2: “in page” criteria

  1. A unique H1 tag per page
  2. An editorial structure in Hn tags
  3. Important words in bold
  4. Quality text in quantity
  5. A meaningful TITLE tag
  6. A descriptive URL
  7. A sexy meta description tag
  8. ALT attributes to images
  9. Look at your pages with the eye of the spider

Step 3: “Off-page” criteria

  1. Quality backlinks
  2. Give your pages a good reputation
  3. Crosslinking, Sitemap, sitemap, and number of links per page

Step 4: Indexing, “referencing”

  1. Indexing: Referencing your pages

Step 5: Monitoring

  1. Open a Webmaster Tools account at Google and Bing
  2. Analyzing the traffic from search engines
  3. From Eve, still the day before!


21. To go further …

PS: you have the impression that certain capital points are missing in this file? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments of each article, we will remedy them as soon as possible …

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