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New Discoveries for WordPress Websites in 2018


WordPress is an ever-expanding and changing platform that hosts millions of websites. With every passing year, the technology and coding behind WordPress become more complex as the user experience becomes easier and more seamless. In order to make sure you’re utilizing all the new features and discoveries for WordPress websites, you should follow some of the trends across the multitude of WordPress development projects that pop-up increasingly often. Check out these top discoveries for WordPress websites in 2018 to see what you could use on your own WordPress website to better your user’s experience and your site’s design.

New Discoveries for WordPress Websites in 2018
WordPress Releases in 2018

There have been no less than half a dozen releases of the WordPress CMS so far in 2018. With each release website owners and users can expect greater security and convenience as bugs and vulnerabilities are found and eliminated and new features are added.

One of the most significant updates to hit the 2018 WordPress release schedule was the WordPress version 4.9.2 Security and Maintenance Release. This update got rid of some bugs from last year while improving overall security for virtually every WordPress website. Specifically, the 4.9.2 release helped to clear WordPress websites from Flash vulnerabilities and was a major milestone for helping free the Internet of the nearly obsolete Flash platform.

Later on, in July of 2018, it was discovered that the 4.9.6 release of WordPress contained several security issues that could affect thousands of websites. The biggest of these security vulnerabilities that were discovered was that users with access to a particular folder on your server could potentially delete files in folders otherwise restricted to them. WordPress version 4.9.7 was released to rectify this authorization loophole and also served to improve cache systems across the platform.

Exciting New Features for WordPress in 2018

Aside from fixing several security issues and improving the CMS, in general, there were several exciting releases to already hit the market for WordPress in 2018. Among these is the WP Limit Login Attempt plugin that, as its name implies, allows you to create a limit for attempted logins before shutting out a particular user or administrator. Many users with WordPress hosting appreciated this new feature because excessive logins are sometimes an indication of malicious coding or brute-force attempts to gain administrator access to your website.

Another set of exciting plugins that WordPress users are discovering in 2018 is the enhanced traffic analysis and customer survey plugins to help you better understand your users. A great example of this is the Typeform plugin that allows you to test two versions of your website and get feedback from users to see which is working best for you.

WordPress users are also discovering the importance of branding in 2018, as many branding-related plugins have hit the market this year. One of the most interesting of these is the WordPress Ultimate Branding plugin which can help you automate the sometimes tedious process of changing 404 forms, icons, copyright lines, and other generic content to suit your particular brand.

Another area to keep your eye on as a WordPress user or developer is the advancement of machine learning. Plugins are now being released that use machine learning to improve themselves and offer a previously unseen level of service to WordPress websites.

An example of this is the latest release of Akismet which is an already popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress. As users report spam and suspicious posts and comments through the Akismet plugin the software behind it actually learns to recognize an exponential amount of new spam and malicious content.

Market Research News for WordPress in 2018

With millions of daily users, there is no shortage of data to comb through for WordPress and general web analysts. The CodeinWP blog and others have been reporting figures from traffic analysis and trends to heat map results from specific websites to help users understand how the average consumer views and interacts with a WordPress website today.

Studying these numbers can help you develop techniques for driving more traffic to your WordPress site and making the best decisions in regard to your WordPress hosting. One interesting takeaway from the research so far this year is that users are increasingly impatient when it comes to slow-loading websites.

This is perhaps a result of the spreading high-speed Internet infrastructure like 4G and Fiber ISP services in the United States and other countries. In order to compete on today’s web, it seems of utmost importance to get a fast WordPress hosting account and keep your coding efficient and bloat-free.

Keeping up with the discoveries and developments that WordPress brings to the web is the best way to make sure you’re staying competitive in a world where it’s increasingly easy to start your own website. The security patches and frequent updates to the core WordPress code are making the web a safer place for website administrators and users alike.

Make sure you are keeping your WordPress installation and accompanying plugins up-to-date in order to take advantage of the benefits of each new WordPress release. Remember to occasionally browse the WordPress Plugins Repository for new features you may want to add to your own website this year.

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