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5 SEO Techniques You Need To Know For Optimization


The worst and damaging advice, I’d ever listened to — just focus on writing great content, don’t bother about SEO Techniques.

What use is great content, if it just laying on your web page, not being read by your audience.

If you still keen on that old advice, then you probably will have a huge pile of contents that might never be read.

Why Everyone Is Talking About SEO

SEO is necessary and very much alive. Although its old rules and tricks are not as effective as before, following the newly implemented algorithm, you should get your website optimized.

5 SEO Techniques You Need To Know

The advancement of search engines being provided SEO with lots of attention and huge benefits.

The most online experience actually began with search engines, about 93%.

The first pages of any search result are usually read — 75% don’t scroll past them.

The paid advert is ignored by your audience — 70 — 80% of search engine users.

This recent stats show the reason why you need to have a look at Search Engine Optimization if you want your blog or contents read.

In order to get your website SEO right, strictly adhere to the 5 basic SEO techniques.

1. Keywords

This concept has already existed. However, it different from just fluffing your content with keywords in order to just rank higher.

Keywords are still very important, you need to know how to the right keywords. Modern Technology allows search engines to use a program called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which takes a critical look at your content to determine the intent and keyword variations.

The best way to avoid fluffing keywords is by staying away from repeating those keywords, make use of naturally occurring synonyms.

Also, making use of focus keywords helps you better, how to vary your keywords in the content title, opening paragraph, meta description, and the body.

2. Anchor Text

These are used within your content to direct your readers to other content on your website or valuable materials on other external links.

Anchor text is best put to good use if it is properly mixed:

— Branded text — like “AfroPenx has a great African guide”
— Naked links — like “http://www.xxxxx.com”
— Long-tail links — like “use a wide variety of anchor types to stay safe”

3. Image Virtualization

Readers love good quality images, it helps engage your audience. Contents with amazing visuals get clicked, read, shared, and liked.

There is a downside to this, search engines don’t have eyes to see the quality images in your content. So you need to provide search engines with the file name, alt-description (a textual description of the image), caption, and image title.

4. Link-Building Strategy

You probably don’t believe backlink matters, but they do. Studies as known that most people consider this strategy as the most effective way to achieve your SEO Optimization.

However, when using this strategy, you need to be careful. You need to focus on quality and not quantity. You might be penalized if you get ranked high fast with too many backlinks over a short time.

5. Connect with your followers

Most people think it’s about getting thousands of followers on social media. Studies show that the number of followers does not have a direct effect on your SEO, surprised?

Engagement rather than figures are important. You need to make your community actively involved with content, they like, share and click them. Google recognized this activity and therefore reward you by ranking you higher through SEO Techniques.

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